Review: Modernlove. – Islands

Like their name suggests, modernlove. explore the complexities of the modern lives of twenty-somethings. Even though their lives are still complicated, Barry, Cian, Danny and Graham of Drogheda have already nailed their sound; they deliver polished, indie-pop with a glossy ’90s sheen and intricate details.

This next release is truly something remarkable, Modernlove. is a band that landed on our radar not too long ago and we instantly fell in love with their writing style, Modernlove’s way with words is a work of art. The imagery and the band’s ability to relay such deep emotions to the listener is a level of artistry that not a lot of artists can pull off, but Modernlove. does (Check out their Spotify). 

“The song explores ways people try to deal with this struggle and this loneliness whether it be drink, drugs or sex but in the end it recognises that they are simply in a painful situation that they must accept and let happen as the song ends with the repeated words: “It’s coming apart and I can’t face it, I don’t wanna break down but I can’t take it”.

We’re excited to share this new release with you and we look forward to covering more from Daniella in the coming months. Check it out and don’t forget to connect with Modernlove. to stay up to date on any future releases and enjoy!

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