Born to a surgeon mother and father who worked as a CEO in the film industry, Gali herself admits that her chosen path might be surprising to some. But both her parents are classic rock fans, and she was raised on a diet of Bowie, Queen and Pink Floyd. Later, she realised she gravitated towards heavier rock – grunge and metal, particularly – as a means of coping with her father’s health issues.

If you’re looking for something unique and stunning, look no further. Gali Givon released her infectiously catchy new single ‘Scared’ just last week and we haven’t stopped playing it. Her energy and her writing style deliver a force so great you’ll be hooked after your first listen. We love the instrumental and the gritty electro-pop vibe she has going on.

It’s a solid release from the promising artist from Israel and we couldn’t be any more excited to share it with you today. If you like this, we encourage you to check out the artist’s Spotify. And don’t forget to connect with Gali to stay up to date on any future releases and enjoy! 

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