Keep Walking Music is a Madrid based platform that launched in 2015 as a Twitter account, and has since showcased local and worldwide talent. We are dedicated to discovering and featuring exceptional artists that we feel deserve a platform in the public eye. This is the music that moves us. We think it will move you too.

The story behind the creation of Keep Walking Music
The team consists of three members who are passionate about music, Juan, David and Salah. Team members know each other through YouTube, and each of us own a music channel. At first we started the idea of Keep Walking as a Twitter account in 2015, After the success of the idea of the account, Over time the idea evolved and became a site.

Keep Walking team members
Eden Bach – Co-founder & Publisher, Responsible for e-mail Submissions.
David Amestas – Co-founder & Publisher, Responsible of KW in HH, MXray.
Salah Eddine Benali – Co-founder & Publisher, Responsible of KW in SH.