Review: Corella – Don’t Stop Me

Corella’s latest tune, “Don’t Stop Me,” displays their expanding indie rock sound that still engages and excites. This Manchester-based group demonstrates once more its talent in composing catchy guitar-inspired choruses with the release of a record after their EP ‘The Today, the future, whenever’. Characterizing the band’s vibrancy and bounce, BBC’s Radio 1, and CLASH Magazine would not miss this.

Corella fuses heavy guitar riffs with earworm tunes in “Don’t Stop Me” to form a vibrant yet nostalgic atmosphere. This song sets the ground for people’s expectations about their studio album since it shows their line of music development. You can feel the power of the song and you simply cannot avoid being hypnotized by its rhythm.>:]<

On this one, Corella are making a notable step in their journey as artists, presenting them as becoming more confident and mature as individuals. Nostalgic with new dimensions in sound with its roots intact. “Don’t Stop Me” is a captivating listen which even fans and newcomers of indie-rock should like, a foretaste of what this great four-band can offer music lovers in years to come.

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