Review: Palco – Hold Me To It

The brand-new track by Palco, “Hold Me To It”– a pensive investigation of the tangled nuances of falling in love, and eloquently captures its anxieties and vulnerabilities. This transcontinental collaboration is the result of efforts undertaken over Zoom and Audiomovers; between Palco in Los Angeles and London-based producer Jomo, it reflects their synergies and creative spirit. The structure of the song-soft, anthemic, and refined delicately tells the bridging process between love and hate. It’s a master class in lyricism and minimalism, showing the strength of words and music in expressing deep, emotionally vivid sentiments.

On the track, we understand where the story has extracted itself from; on the music video, aspects raised in the intro are brought to the forefront, personally telling the backstory that forms part of our own. An almost-final cut, and with the audio in the hands, the story visuals create a colorful version and deepen the appeal of the song. “Hold Me To It” is not only a song, it is an experience. A gorgeous, introspective, personal piece, it reaches out and touches all who have ever loved it.

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