#Interview: Cloudy June – High Waist To Hell

21-year-old Cloudy June from Berlin is about to take off as a solo artist with her dark pop sound.

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Hey Cloudy June! Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Hi, my name is Cloudy June, I’m 21, I am a musician and a songwriter and I grew up and live in Berlin

Why ‘Cloudy June’?

My first name is ‘Claudia’ but people have always called me ‘Claudi’ which is pronounced like ‘cloudy’. And on the last day of June in 2018 I played a big concert with my old metal band in Berlin. After that day I went through a lot of changes, in my music career and also in my life in general. So the month ‘June’ always has a special meaning to me. And I also really like the image of a ‘cloudy June’ – it’s this kind of melancholic day in summer.

How did your single, ‘High Waist To Hell’, come about?

I often do songwriting sessions with my friends Valentin & Vincent and once I came in with the idea for the title ‘High Waist to Hell’. We then started working around it and soon created this image of a spellbinding lady in the song. At first, I didn’t even think about releasing ‘High Waist to Hell’ myself. But then after listening to the demo a couple of times I liked it so much that I just had to put it out myself.

Are you planning to make it part of a larger release, such as an EP or album?

For now, I am focusing on releasing singles. But I eventually wanna put them together into an EP because I just love that kind of format. Making an album is also be one of my dreams but that is something for 2021 maybe, who knows.

The lockdown has affected everyone’s plans right now. What are you doing to stay productive throughout it and are you still able to work on new music?

I just keep writing songs and working on my repertoire. I want to be able to perform bigger shows for when the world is back to normal again and now in a way I finally have the time to prepare for that. I’ve also released ‘High Waist to Hell’ during lockdown so I got to keep myself quite busy with all the preparations and promotion.

What advice would you give other artists who are trying to stay productive during this crisis?

Use the tools that you have. You can still release music right now and you can send it out to people, to blogs and to playlists, and build a fanbase that way. This is also a great time to focus on your online presence. Maybe you can use the time to work on your website, write a new artist bio or design a logo. Start a new channel on YouTube or start a TikTok. All of this can help you reach a bigger audience and eventually have more people come to your shows when they are happening again.

Check out Cloudy June’s new release, titled ‘Psycho’.

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