Interview: Sad Boy Hour – the weekend

“The Weekend is a song off of my brand new album THE HEAT featuring moody alt rock and alt pop bangers”

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Hi Sad Boy Hour, where are you based and how does this affect your

Hi there, I’m based in Kent in the UK, I live near the beach and have my whole life, however when writing my music each song is a mishmash of experiences that I’ve had put together into a song! I always try and write about stuff that’s real and I think being by the beach has inspired my instrumental work more recently.

What inspires you the most right now?

What inspires me the most right now is how quickly I’m improving in terms of both vocals and lyrics, every time I write a new song it’s better and more intricate than the last one so I’m really enjoying continuing to release new music and growing my audience.

Where did the idea for ‘the weekend’ come from?

‘the weekend’ actually just happened very randomly because before it was finished it was a completely different song, different drums, different leads, the verses were already recorded but the chorus wasn’t there to string it all together. In one of my recording sessions I found a new sample that fit the song way better and as soon as I heard that guitar the chorus melody popped into my head and I recorded it straight away!

Where did you record it?

I recorded it in my university halls room whilst my flatmates were out.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

At the moment I’m listening to SAINt JHN alot, that guy is just blowing up and he is so good I love his sound and it’s in a similar lane to mine so that’s really cool to see! Besides him I always listen to alot of Joji, Juice Wrld, BROCKHAMPTON, Aries, Denzel Curry, Brakence and Polo G.

What other plans have you got in store for when life returns to normal?

I really want to perform some live shows! Also I’m gonna be working on and release much higher quality music. AND watch this space on YouTube for some music videos ;p

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