BABA ALI releases the follow-up to his acclaimed ’Nomad’ EP, with ‘I’ve Been Voodoo’d’ out now via Spotify and Apple Music (Wednesday, October 11th 2017).

Recorded in London with Andy Savours, who produced the most recent My Bloody Valentine album ‘I’ve Been Voodoo’d’ is a blistering, electronic-edged modern protest song. Equal parts defiance, anger and confusion, it’s both a rallying cry and a wrathful howl, made all the more digestible thanks to its pummelling percussive base of handclaps, juddering bass and back- to-93 rave-era yelps.

Ali says of ‘I’ve Been Voodoo’d’: “After just recently moving from New York to London late last year, I witnessed from afar a racist, sexist, fascist egomaniac swindle his way into the White House. In the midst of all this shock, anger and disbelief, I found a way to write a song about it, which became ‘I’ve Been Voodoo’d’. It’s also a nod to T-Model Ford and Hound Dog Taylor, whom I’ve been listening to constantly as of late.”

Unsigned and undiscovered at the turn of the year, Baba’s debut EP, ‘Nomad’ collected fans including the likes of Gold Panda, who nominated him to Pitchfork as a an artist to watch in 2017. The ‘Nomad’ EP subsequently picked up 500 thousand plays on Spotify, with lead track ‘Cog In The Wheel’, an ode to the daily grind, being singled out for praise and popularity in particular.

You will enjoy this wonderful and unique voice, we were surprised, it has a unique way of singing, you will wish to hear the song until the last day of your life.

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