On the 2nd of July 2018, this sound tracked short film popped up on my YouTube while I was aimlessly watching drawing tutorials. I let the video play for 20 seconds, & once this 18 year old North-Londoner started humming, I was caught.

In DDD, Ama Lou’s strong, engaging voice details a narrative of identity, while she portrays a drug dealer in the desert with a striking model stature, captured very well & creatively by none other than Mahalia (DOP). The short film (directed by Ama Lou herself) is in 3 parts, interlacing 3 songs which showcase Ama Lou’s vocal range & capabilities. The first song is a punchy hip-hop anthem guaranteed to have you dancing, the second song has an old school, groovy feel, & lastly a melodic rap-ballad reminiscent of Frank Ocean.

Co-signed by Drake, Jorja Smith & Devonte Heynes, we’re looking forward to hearing more of what this young talent has to offer.

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