We’re currently obsessing over this new release from Stealth. The artist grabbed our attention with his vocal performance on his latest release titled ‘Truth Is’. If you’re a fan of soul music, Stealth has a unique flavor and a wide range of skills that in our opinion, allow the artist to stand out amongst a very large crowd of artists who blatantly copy and rip each other off.

“This single is one I’ve been excited about since I wrote it with Michael Angelo and Ali Tennant! Personally it feels like a real step up from some of the other things I’ve released. It’s the first time I’ve really pushed myself as an artist. Writing a song that is happy for once. Also it’s an area of my voice not many people have heard – it adds to the vulnerability of the song which is about a man confessing his true feelings to someone.” Stealth 

We really enjoyed the instrumental production and the creative writing style that Stealth implements into his work. The artist’s ability to be honest and genuine with his work is something that goes unnoticed and we can’t wait to see what’s around the corner for him. Don’t forget to subscribe.

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