Analogue is Canadian-Nigerian singer/songwriter ODIE’s 10-track debut album, which came out in early April, this year. This body of work has got something for everyone, from RnB heavy songs like North Face & Little Lies, & African rhythms laced throughout the song Faith, to more pop & synth sounds heard in Midnight.

According to ODIE, this album outlines his coming of age story growing up between Toronto, Canada & The Bay Area in the United States. The concept of growth is evident in the chronology of the tracks, starting with Bliss City, the bouncy/dreamy & catchy intro to the album – then ultimately closing with the delicate yet soulful Night Terrific! after outlining his personal journey with religion, girls, & seemingly unending responsibility of employment when your heart isn’t in it.

The melodies in each song match perfectly with the nostalgic feel of the whole project, the simplistic beats & arpeggios working together to give you a little bounce in your shoulders. This is an album to enjoy in the company of friends, & now that the seasons are changing, it’s a perfect backdrop for old goodbyes & new hellos.

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