Album Review: The Underachievers – After The Rain

It’s sad that this album will be swept under the rug by most people, because this is a powerful one. The Underachievers (Issa Gold in particular), switched it up differently compared to how they normally create their music. Rather than spitting about enlightenment, indigo-ism, psychedelics etc; the pair open up on subjects like addiction and mental health in great detail.

The Underachievers have never said they were invincible, but based on their previous albums/mixtapes it would have been safe to assume that the pair are intelligent beings who know everything important to them in life; and would have no major issues or difficulties elsewhere.

However, with the grand anecdotes and mainly the realism outputted into this project, it shows we are all human. Plus After The Rain is great motivation for those who are battling the long fight against themselves.

Only negative on my behalf was the weary production. It sounded super draining and tired but I don’t know if this was done on purpose.

The project gave it’s message loud and clear: see it through and wait for the rain to stop falling. It was the ideal length in terms of number of tracks, and above all we were still gifted with some elite bars and life gems (Really fucked with the one about the copying the brand new Patek but time being an illusion). 

Definitely one of the most strongest albums of the year.


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