Album Review: Anderson .Paak – Oxnard

This is one of those albums you know is gonna be quality before it gets released; and I hadn’t ever listened to Anderson Paak before this project dropped.

The album is just different. Maybe I’m exaggerating because I’ve never listened to Anderson before this, but that doesn’t take away the quality of the listening experience. The album is well-balanced and it doesn’t feel like it runs for just under an hour, making it an interesting listen.

Every feature on here did their thing with my personal favorite being J.Cole on Trippy. The energy here is great. Their’s some funny little skits and each track has it’s own story to tell, rather than the whole album being on one core subject/story.

Couple issues with this album was transitions between some of the song. It was interesting to hear different areas of discussion on Oxnard but it could have tied together a little smoother.This also could have been a better album if it didn’t end on that awful track Left To Right. It fucked up the whole album’s vibe, but none the less this is definitely a top-tier project.


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