Sheck Wes is at an early point in his career where anyone can jump onto his music for the hype, even if they don’t really like his shit. At first I wasn’t entirely convinced with Sheck and wasn’t shy to deny it. In a turn of events this mixtape changed my perspective towards the rapper.

Their’s something about his music which strikes out to many. Personally, I think it’s the simplistic yet energetic rapping over a crunchy 808 filled beat. The songs link well one after another, but Vetements Socks is a bit of a bland ending.

With bangers round every corner, Sheck also tells his story in a unique way. This includes his whole experience about being sent to Senegal on the song Jiggy On The Shits

One key thing about Sheck is that he’s backed not only by Travis but also Kanye and co at GOOD Music. To think he pulled off a decent mixtape with no features whilst having their co-sign is quite incredible.

To sum up this mixtape really shocked me. It can be listened to at the gym, when you’re turning up or even casually on the way to school/work. 


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