The Holy Gasp is a damn-the-man beatnik revival conga revolution, a boxcar and a jug of wine, a groove, daddy, and the farthest thing from a king sized bust. Often likened to punk rock versions of Tom Waits and Frank Zappa, The Holy Gasp make music for fans of theatrical, off-centred, darkly comical, genre-defying entertainment, and they try and make it all sound like a bunch of hopped up jazz junkies singing Surfin’ Bird with a bad case of the shits.

The Holy Gasp single is the perfect way to kickstart your day. Titled ‘A Daily Affirmation’. The Holy Gasp writing style is authentic and you have to admit, it’s pretty damn catchy too. The instrumental is just impressive and you’ll be tapping your foot along in no time. Take a listen for yourself and be sure to give the band a follow to stay up to date on any upcoming releases.

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