French producer and DJ RetroVision is quickly becoming the one to watch out for. In 2017 he made massive waves in EDM with releases Get Down, Cake and newly released EP Get Up. RetroVision has been picked up by one of the legends Don Diablo, taking him under his wing and pushing him to new limits. We have seen RetroVision grow throughout the years and we have seen nothing but quality music and amazing shows ! Been nominated into BEST OF FRENCH 2018, it is definitely a title he deserves and we hope to see many more huge achievements from this young talent !

“When I started making ‘Get Down’ it was one of those records that just seemed to come together really naturally. I had the main structure complete and then remade the parts of the sample, which I think a lot of people are going to recognize. The support and reaction to this one already has been exciting to see after the work we put in to make this an official release with Musical Freedom.” -RetroVision

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