Hailing from Los Angeles, SILENTSHOUT is an exploratory avant-pop duo comprised of singer/dancer/multi-instrumentalist Alina Cutrono and composer/producer/multi-instrumentalist Theo Karon. Their sound is characterized by Alina’s disarmingly intimate and direct vocals, bolstered by a blend of dark synth pop, musique concrete, experimental dance music and the shrieking acoustical oddness of the classical avant-garde.

A lot of talent passes through Keep Walking every week, but every so often, one of them demands our attention in a way we could never forget. That band right now is SILENTSHOUT, building a foundation off of their own creative taste and original sounds.

Blending a balance of gritty sounds with lush melodies, giant chords, and topped with rich vocals, fans from all over the world are falling in love with their music, will you be one of them? Don’t forget to connect with SILENTSHOUT to stay up to date on what’s happening next.



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