Roman Scott – Addicted To Love

Shut away in a leopard print hotel room, Roman Scott’s addiction begins to blur his perception of reality. His fantasies of romancing a mystery woman are disrupted by his unconscious; torturing him with flashbacks to the emotional roller coaster of falling in love…

Music maker and creative, Roman Scott returns with brand new visuals for his latest single ‘Addicted To Love’. The music video, directed by Cinema Lumina explores the darker side of the human psyche to brilliant effect. Explaining the direction, he says:

“Originally I had imagined making a sun-drenched, 90s R&B-style music video. But after a 3 day trip to Barcelona, hours of trawling through rushes (and a hole in my pocket!) my vision remained unfulfilled. I approached Cinema Lumina to see if anything was salvageable, but instead they proposed a new concept..”

“Flipping the original idea on its head, their concept was to make a film that would challenge people’s perceptions of a ‘generic pop music video’ about ‘love and relationships’ as opposed to one that glorified them. On the surface the track could seem like a light-hearted and a fairly superficial depiction of falling in love, but the guys at Cinema Lumina recognised the darker undertone and set to explore the deeper meaning.”

Do not listen to such a distinctive voice every day, you will not hear it every day but when you hear it the first time you become an addict, the words of the song have meaning in addition to the rhythm of the song that makes you listen to it over and over.

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