Toronto singer, songwriter, producer and all-round creative TYRA JUTAI is making some of the most compelling alternative pop music right now as is evident on her brand new conceptual EP You Weren’t A Muse, which is inspired by Golden Age Hollywood actress, singer and sex symbol Mae West and her classic 1933 movie I’m No Angel. Taken from the 6-track EP offering, Jutai is excited to present the cinematic music video for early favourite ‘FRIDA’.

Tyra Jutai is the latest and greatest to grace our blog. Her new single ‘Frida’, is an r&b infused electro track with just a splash of attitude. Not only does her writing style demand your attention but everything from the video to the instrumental production came out great. Tyra’s creative vision and her voice are a real treat and we witness something truly unique about the up-and-coming artist.

“The song ‘Frida’ was inspired by a beautiful woman who tried to hook up with my boyfriend while I wasn’t around. I really fixated on the psychology of understanding going after someone else’s lover. When I say ‘were you tortured by the same things that I was, running around looking for love to steal’, what I mean is that both Frida and I were lacking love and trying to find it where we could. In my case, I was lacking respect in my relationship, and in hers, I guess it could be lacking attention or affection” -Tyra Jutai says

Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think, and don’t forget to support the promising artist by giving Tyra Jutai a follow on social media.

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