Review: Stella Talpo – Where Did I Go

New single “Where Did I Go” eloquently moves between atmospheric R&B and brooding soul, utilising pillowy synths, warbling electronics and crunching guitars as she examines the lengths at which we go to feel validated and accepted, as she sings: “Long for validation to the point of bitterness / Apologise by default, for things I ain’t even done”.

There’s something amazing about Stella Talpo’s latest, titled ‘Where Did I Go’, we were instantly drawn in by the rich and stunning vocals. There’s a cinematic, R&B theme behind the track that feels magical, not only does the production pull you in a piece by piece but you begin to understand the intimacy and vibrancy behind the lyrics and the vocal performance as it builds throughout the song. It’s a fabulous piece.

Go ahead and give this a spin and discover your new favorite artist, interested in hearing more? Make sure to connect with Stella Talpo to stay up to date on any upcoming releases and enjoy! 

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