Review: Maya Yenn – How Much Sadness Can You Swallow?

After the success of my debut single, I’m very excited to release my follow up track, ‘How Much Sadness Can You Swallow?’ out now (released 13/08/21).

As of late, we can’t get enough of Maya Yenn’s recent releases (check out her Spotify)… and the promising artist’s latest is no different. Titled ‘How Much Sadness Can You Swallow?’, the unique sounding beat makers bring together a moody atmosphere fueled by stunning vocals and warm undertones.

If you haven’t checked out the song yet, Maya is coming up as an incredibly unique voice within the music industry and we look forward to hearing everything the artist has to say in the coming months. In the meantime, be sure to listen to her music, and don’t forget to connect with Maya online to stay up to date on any upcoming projects and enjoy!

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