Review: LEEPA – i’m sorry, are you?

LEEPA is part of a generation that feels left alone. She had a stint in therapy but then broke away from her environment and managed to get her life under control. Since November 2018, she became “clean“: practising being Vegan and focusing on self-betterment, all with the goal of becoming a strong Female musician. 

We had the pleasure of reviewing LEEPA’s new music video for ‘i’m sorry, are you?’, released a couple of weeks ago, LEEPA is seen stuck in a loop that acts as a metaphor for losing friends can be more painful than losing a partner. It’s an incredibly entertaining video and LEEPA’s style is really unique. We love the track and we love the video and we can’t wait to hear more from the artist. We recommend you sit back and relax when you’re listening so you can really embrace LEEPA’s sound and her lyrical style.

If you love the video, show your friends, and don’t forget to connect with LEEPA online to stay up to date on any upcoming releases and enjoy!

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