GRAE has been writing music since the age of 10. After her Mother passed away when she was young, she and her Father used music as a way to bond. He bought a record player and the pair would listen to a new vinyl every day, broadening her musical horizons. When the vinyl player was silent, ‘80s music channels often flickered in the background. 

Ah yes, yes, and yes! This next track is something we’re really thrilled about. ‘Like You’ is a beautiful and heart-warming collaboration that highlights the best possible version of GRAE’s sound and style. It’s soulful, it’s catchy, and you’ll want to play it over and over again. The lyrical style is our favorite part, the way this promising artist writes her music is relatable and touching, a reason why we fell in love with GRAE in the first place. We’re excited for you to hear the new release and if you knew what was good for you, you’d share the song with your friends and spread the good word.

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