“Music always helped me to understand myself, to understand the way I see things, even when I didn’t want to.”

Gina Livia is a promising artist from Germany, her new song came out a couple of weeks back and we’ve had it on repeat ever since, it’s rich and meaningful. Titled ‘dreams’, the new single blends the best of electro-pop with a beautiful guitar lead that feels more indie and solid.

“I wrote this song about growing up in a patchwork family. A few years ago I kept having this dream about my parents still being together. and in this dream, I had this family photo of my mom, my dad, my brother, and me. but I couldn’t find my sister. I woke up panicking because I really thought she wasn’t a part of me anymore.”

We love the sound and passion Gina brings to the table. ‘dreams’ is a true reflection of the artist’s vision and creativity and we can’t wait to hear what else she’s working on. Check it out and don’t forget to connect with the artist to stay up to date on any upcoming releases and enjoy! 

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