Review: Cupid Girl – Bungalow in Asia

Cupid Girl is an artist who reflects upon the love struggles of Gen Z. With both her parents being opera singers, Cupid Girl was brought up by classical music, practicing the piano since she was six years old.

Cupid Girl’s new single ‘Bungalow in Asia’ is our gem of the week. Its electronic influence and pop foundation make for one of the more unique productions we’ve heard in weeks. the new single blends the best of indie-pop with a beautiful guitar lead that feels more indie and rugged… ‘Bungalow in Asia’ will have you humming along in no time. 

If you’re looking for something fresh and original, look no further. Cupid Girl’s ‘Bungalow in Asia’ will not disappoint you. Check it out and don’t forget to connect with the promising artist to stay up to date on any upcoming projects and enjoy!

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