Evin Kücükali, known as EVÎN is a singer, producer and songwriter that combines R&B, Soul and her oriental roots with melancholic vibes sometimes driven by beats and sometimes in the shape of pure melodic, soulful songs with a love for detailed soundscapes.

EVÎN shared her new song ‘Snow’ with us a couple of weeks back and we’ve been itching to share it with you ever since. It’s full of passion highlighting the artist’s talent for writing such rich and relatable lyrics and always delivering on catchy melodies and dreamy instrumentals. With EVÎN’s latest, music fans can expect the very best and nothing short of amazing, every time.

If you’re looking for something moody, yet catchy, you’ll love the work that she’s putting out. Don’t forget to connect with the talented musician online to stay up to date on any upcoming releases and enjoy!

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