The talented songwriter, singer, artist, and activist Dalby Biehl is no average 15-year-old. This highly gifted teenager has found her own little niche in composing music and lyrics that are relatable to both your youngest sibling and your favorite grandparent.

DALBY is the latest and greatest to land on our radar, the promising artist’s new single, titled ‘BLANKET’, is perhaps one of the more charming records we’ve heard in a while. It’s light on its feet, lyrically inspiring, and bold in its own unique writing style.

It’s a solid record that it’s easy to enjoy regardless of your music preference. Whether it’s a pop, electro, or anything in-between, ‘BLANKET’ should be the right choice for you. Go ahead and check it out for yourself and be sure to subscribe to DALBY online to stay up to date and enjoy!

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