Cy is the DIY solo project by colorful Stockholm-based songwriter Amanda Cygnaeus. Crafting a timeless, eclectic indie-pop universe with a lush mix of soulful melodies, scratchy guitar riffs and honest stories straight from her iPhone-diary, with influences brought all the way from melodic contemporary R&B to raw alt-rock soundscapes. 

We’ve been bumping new music from Cy all week. Titled ‘Different Dimension’, the Stockholm-based artist has recently grabbed our attention with her unique style and sound. Cy’s music remains our current go-to whenever we’re in the mood for something edgy and bold.

From the lyrics to the instrumentation, Cy delivers incredible performance from start to finish—a performance so good it’ll surely impress even the most casual of music fans. Don’t forget to connect with the artist online to stay up to date and enjoy and thank us later!

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