CHAII says “You feel important, I feel imported. Some things don’t make sense but work. Or it can be complicated. But really, ‘it ain’t so complicated’”.

To keep it straight with you, Keep Walking Music exists for songs like CHAII’s latest. Titled ‘Pineapple Pizza’, the new single not only highlights CHAII’s unique voice… but it showcases some of the better songwriting skills we’ve heard in weeks and demands the listener’s attention from the start to finish. And as her performance carries on throughout the song, so does the power she holds over the listener.

It’s a solid record that it’s easy to enjoy regardless of your music preference. Whether it’s pop, hip hop, or anything in-between ‘Pineapple Pizza’ should be the right choice for you. Go ahead and check it out for yourself and be sure to subscribe to CHAII online to stay up to date and enjoy!

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