Review: apolumni – Tired of Feeling Down

Review: apolumni’s “Tired of Feeling Down”

Apolumni’s “Tired of Feeling Down” is a lo-fi pop gem that offers an auditory hug to listeners feeling lonely or down. The Belgrade-based indie musician, who kickstarted her career in 2020, has a unique vocal style that is both dreamy and haunting. The song’s melody reflects wistfulness, with apolumni’s vocals floating over minimal instrumentation, creating a safe space for listeners to fully embrace their emotions. Piano melodies rise and fall like waves, while the beat maintains a steady yet unobtrusive pulse. This track is reminiscent of a Billie Eilish song without the electro-pop elements, making it a perfect companion for a rainy night in the city.

Apolumni’s message in “Tired of Feeling Down” is ultimately hopeful, reminding us that we all experience difficult emotions from time to time, but we can support each other through them. If you’re looking for a comforting and relatable song to add to your playlist, give “Tired of Feeling Down” a listen. And don’t forget to follow apolumni on social media to stay updated on her latest releases and news.

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