HRVY’s “Stolen Heart” is a delightful and captivating track that showcases the singer’s return to his pop roots. The song features a playful, doo-wop inspired melody that is guaranteed to stick in your head. HRVY’s smooth and charismatic vocals shine throughout the track, which is co-written by Danny Shah and Dominic Lyttle. The infectious chorus and cheeky hooks make “Stolen Heart” a pitch-perfect addition to HRVY’s discography.

The song’s lively blend of Northern Soul and doo-wop influences evokes a range of emotions and sounds, resulting in an enjoyable listening experience. The accompanying music video enhances the experience with its quirky and surreal elements, featuring HRVY singing to his ex-girlfriend, portrayed by Emmerdale actress Mimi Slinger. The vibrant melody juxtaposes the heartbroken lyrics, adding layers of complexity to the song’s overall appeal.

In summary, “Stolen Heart” is a charming and addictive track that demonstrates HRVY’s undeniable talent and ability to create memorable pop hits. The song’s catchy melody, engaging lyrics, and captivating visuals make it a must-listen for fans and newcomers alike.

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