Calum Scott’s “At Your Worst” is a beautiful and inspiring song that honors the strength of unwavering love and self-compassion. The song showcases a powerful sound, blending rich guitar melodies with captivating synth tones, which represents a courageous departure from Scott’s previous piano-driven ballads. The lyrics express a profound dedication to loving someone during their most vulnerable times, while also serving as a reminder to embrace oneself despite imperfections and uncertainties.

The song’s nostalgic and retro sound is complemented by a gorgeous soft-focus music video and matching promo shots. “At Your Worst” has been well-received by fans, having been performed live during Scott’s successful Bridges World Tour, which sold 75,000 tickets across more than 60 shows in over 32 countries.

“At Your Worst” demonstrates Calum Scott’s talent for crafting a captivating and emotionally impactful anthem that deeply connects with listeners. The song’s powerful message about unwavering love and steadfast support serves as a poignant reminder that true love is not based on conditions, but rather thrives and becomes stronger in the face of challenges.

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