Carnival Kid – We Used To Shout At You

“We used to shout at you” is a song about the lack of perspective in my hometown. It’s a nervous song full of anger and desperation based on the feeling of seeing your hometown slowly die. And while my family was trying their best to make me stay or at least comeback, everything else around almost violently seemed to push me away. 


Carnival Kid blessed our inbox earlier this week with his latest single titled ‘We Used To Shout At You’, this single is quite possibly one of our favorite releases we’ve heard all month. With his latest single, it practically left us speechless, the nostalgic rock-styled production feels both comforting and intimate. Polished off with a beautiful and rich vocal performance, ‘We Used To Shout At You’ proves how incredible of a singer he is. Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think.


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