C A Y N E – Dime Store Pistol

C A Y N E is the pop/rock brainchild of songwriter Jessica Cayne and various producers. Created to appease her femme fatale alter ego, this project is aimed to light a fire inside of anyone who listens, male and female alike. That being said, of the project, Jess says, “Power is sexy. Confidence is sexy. I hope the woman who listens to C A Y N E feels really (fucking) confident and really (fucking) powerful.”

C A Y N E dropped a new single Today and upon hearing it for the first time we were blown away by the cutting edge production and vocal style. The song starts off strong and the vocal intro immediately grabs and pulls you into the track. It’s fierce, it’s powerful and it’s inspiring. The instrumental and melody slowly build into a pulsing and chilling experience that leaves the listener in complete ‘awe’. It’s a cinematic dream from start to finish and C A Y N E is bringing a unique style to her music that’s catchy and inspiring. It’s a great track and we’re really grateful that C A Y N E landed on our radar. If you love the track, share it with your friends and don’t forget to connect with C A Y N E online so you never miss a release! Enjoy

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