Carla Freude, a twenty-two-year-old artist from the south of Germany, has been steadily gaining recognition for her raw and honest songwriting. With “mental,” she has crafted a memorable and impactful track that showcases her talent and passion for music. This song is a must-listen for fans of artists like Billie Eilish, Julia Michaels, and Halsey.

“mental” by youcallmecarla is an enthralling and potent examination of the challenges of mental health, expertly combining profound emotions with a lively pop vibe. Carla Freude, the talented German singer-songwriter behind the pseudonym, has been composing music since she was fifteen. Through her distinct style and dynamic instrumentals, she evokes a disorienting sensation of being overwhelmed by self-doubt.

The song’s stark contrast between the spiraling lyrics and energetic pop sound brings out the emotional whiplash of experiencing mental health challenges. Freude’s ability to find the energizing rift between a hopeless freefall and a tenacious climb is truly remarkable. The chorus, sweet and poppy, sounds like internal doubt being painted over with casual energy, making the song both danceable and emotionally resonant.

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