Yomaez is a music producer from Adelaide, Australia. Forming an electronic duo in 2016 called Water Park with Bri Gleeson, he created YOMAEZ as a side project and is now preparing to release his own sound.

Yomaez released a meaningful new single last week and if you haven’t checked it out yet, you’re missing out. Titled ‘Idol’, Yomaez brings a fresh new sound to his music that’s infectiously unique and completely underrated.

“‘Idol’ is a dedication to my father, he is my biggest Idol and someone I really respect. Life is hard and we always need someone in our life to turn to when it gets difficult.”

Yomaez’s writing style and his voice is unmatched and demands your attention in a number of ways. It’s all in the details. The lyrics are brilliantly written and Yomaez has certain electricity to him every time he starts to sing.

For fans of electro pop, here’s the song you didn’t know you needed.

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