Walk On Water vs. Radioactive (mashup cover by Denni Omanovic)

Denni Omanovic picked up the guitar at the age of 16 and started of as a singer/songwriter, emerged later on to become an alternative pop-rock artist as well as a producer. Denni has since then written several hundreds of songs, produced music for himself as well as other bands/artists, performed at festivals, nightclubs, taverns, opened up for various Swedish / International artists etc.

It’s very easy to a make song cover, any artist can do it without difficulty. But to be able to mashup of two songs, this can only be done by an artist with experience and talent.

That’s what Denni Omanovic did when he mashup of two amazing songs,  “Walk On Water” by 30 Seconds to mars, and “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons. After listening to the song, you will feel the effort to make this masterpiece.

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