This is the only song on the EP that was written with a piecemeal approach. We rediscovered the guitar part in an old voicemail, and then the bridge was added because we wanted a key change somewhere. Played around in a few different keys before we settled on the falsetto chorus being a nice emotional catharsis.

The track was released a couple of weeks ago and we’re still going hard on the repeat button. TOLEDO’s exciting production style is enough to keep our attention no matter how many times we click play and that alone is pretty incredible. The wonderful TOLEDO brought their best work to the table and solidified the hit with their incredible vocals performance.

We love where TOLEDO is headed and with each and every release, we fall deeper into our appreciation for the duo and we honestly can’t wait till everyone else catches on. Go ahead and give this a spin and discover your new favorite duo, interested in hearing more? Make sure to follow TOLEDO.

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