The Midnight Club – Staying In

Armed with a unique brand of rock and roll, an affinity for glam, and an electrifying live performance, The Midnight Club seeks to evoke the spirit of such rocklegends as Bowie, T. Rex, and Led Zeppelin.


It’s Tuesday morning and we have a stacked lineup of releases to share with you. To get things started, we have this incredible, cinematic music video accompanying the new release from Los Angeles based band The Midnight Club.

And upon seeing it for the first time, we were utterly blown away. The cinematography of the video and the production of the track are phenomenal. The sultry-like rock vocals and the gorgeous music video go to highlight some of The Midnight Club’s artistic visual style and their melodic production technique, which you have to admit, it’s pretty damn catchy, right? Check out ‘Staying In’ for yourself and let us know what you think, interested in hearing more? Make sure to follow The Midnight Club online.

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