Steph Copeland x Brigit O’Regan – Gas Light

“Gas Light” is an unconventional pop track that flickers with beaming string work and witchy finger snaps, a surefire concoction to crawl under the skin. Copeland and O’Regan blur the sonic experience through a weirdly intoxicating mix of organic and synthetic instruments. Even then, you can’t quite put a finger on what genre it is exactly. “I love how the two worlds came together to create something a bit undefined,” says Copeland.

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We’re constantly baffled by the quality of music that’s popping off right now and this Steph Copeland and Brigit O’Regan collab is the perfect example of just that, titled ‘Gas Light’. The catchy vocals production will pull you right in from the start of the track.

We love Steph‘s voice and the music video really highlights some of the artists’ creative vision. We’re excited to hear more from Steph in the coming months, but until then, I guess we’ll just have to enjoy ‘Gas Light’. Go ahead and give this a spin and discover your new favorite artist, interested in hearing more? Make sure to follow Steph Copeland.

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