Stalking Gia – Second Nature (Sean Turk Remix)

A RnB breath sifted future bass as if it were raining, here is the remix of Stalking Gia by Sean Turk with Second Nature.

Here, the sensual softness present in the original is guarded, but illuminated with vibrations to the torrid crackles and the tenderly violent uppercuts. Supporting the rhythm by shaking throbbing to the fiery crescendos, Sean Turk offers a stormy breath.

Aureolated with darker tones and stronger electro textures, Second Nature becomes a dancing peregrination, in waters disturbed by chimeric electro motions that saturate the bodies with burning notes.
A mysterious and addictive producer, Sean Turk, with this remix as with the previous ones, strikes hard and is therefore an artist to watch closely.

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