Sorcha Richardson has dropped a new track and we’re down to pick it up. ‘4AM’ is a pulsating small number that has switched our minds since ‘Petrol Station’ was produced a couple years ago. Both tracks are very pretty in their own way, but ‘4AM’ drives out a very special personal message…

“I dropped my headphones in the harbor, so I hummed your song the whole way home,” coos Sorcha Richardson to open her latest pensive, introspective cut ‘4AM.’ Musing on her current love prospects, ‘4AM’ is about not blaming yourself anymore when things go wrong, admitting, “I could have tried a little harder, I don’t know, I just like it here alone.”

The brooding, late-night anthem marks a important sonic progress for the Dublin-bred, Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter, as the track’s heavier production will allow her to act strongly and truthfully, with the arrangement teetering involving contemplative, singer-songwriter verses and the earworm’s mighty alt-pop choruses that interrupt the song’s stillness. For Sorcha, the song is about being alone and positive, rather than wounded and self-effacing in a misguided relationship, expressed in the repeated mantra: ‘It’s 4 in the morning, I think you should go,’ over dizzying synths and antagonistic bass.

Listen to ‘4AM’ by Sorcha Richardson below.

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