“This song originated during a dark point in my life; I was both battling an eating disorder, anorexia, as well as nursing an underage nicotine addiction. I saw myself changing; hair quite literally falling out due to malnutrition, as well as a worsening state of mental health. It felt as if I was in a constant cycle of trying to quit and better myself, then falling hard again for the fleeting and superficial feelings my vices provided.”

It’s been nearly two hours since the release of sofila’s new single ‘7th World Wonder’. The new single highlights an incredible vocal performance vibrant production that pushes the boundaries of electronic and R&B music.

There isn’t a song we don’t like and if it’s worth mentioning at all, ‘7th World Wonder’ is a promising first look into sofila’s vision and overall future. So, it’s safe to say that sofila might just be our new favorite artist. Take a listen for yourself and let us know what you think, interested in hearing more? Make sure to follow the promising artist online.

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