Smooth Ends – Be A Man

A pop groove with stormy flashes, here Smooth Ends which offers a devastating parenthesis with their title Be A Man.

This London quartet chases the clouds under a twist of a creamy pop with synthetic echoes and aerial movements.

Pushed by voices with psychedelic intonations, sprinkled with singular disco pulsations, their arpeggios offer a funky breath atypical, giving the desire to get lost. Kevin Erlicher, Luca Oliva Knight, Benjamin Vallejos and Nico Ariza invite an energetic trance electrifying the hearts of their bite notes of agile percussions, with nervous echoes.

Then, in exhilarating refrains and fiery beats, they madden the senses with their definition of being a man, produced by Dan Nisenson and mixed Mark Wallis, which slams an intense and infallible rhythm.

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