We felt like young people nowadays, including us, spend a lot of time worrying about the future and growing up and making money and stuff like that. And we don’t really have the answers either so we’re pretty much just singing to ourselves saying “keep going it’ll all make sense at some point.”.


To get things started, we have this incredible cinematic music video accompanying the new release from the Swedish duo Slide, the duo landed on our radar two weeks ago and we’ve been obsessed since.

‘Keep Shining’ It’s an incredible song, I mean think about it. If you naturally start to bounce your head or hum along, that’s generally a clear indication that the artist is doing something right.

So whether you’re a fan of electro-pop or generally anything that’s unique and easy-going, you will love this. Slide has a magic touch when it comes to songwriting and this new song proves just that.

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