SHY Martin – Remember You Were The One

Raised in the small town of Lerdala, Sweden, SHY Martin first began writing songs and poetry in her youth as a means of self-expression. “I was never good at talking about my feelings, so I wrote them down instead. When I was sad, my mom and I wrote letters to each other. I sang almost more than I talked, so expressing myself through music became natural”, SHY describes.

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We’re obsessed with this new SHY Martin record, ‘Remember You Were The One’. The high-energy electro-pop will surely get stuck in your head from the get-go. The vocal production is infectiously catchy and the production is some of the catchiest work we’ve heard all week. It’s a really fun track and if you’re looking for something to get you in the mood to dance, by all means, blast this and feel free to sing along.

“I feel like I‘ve become better at respecting myself and my energy during the last year, I’ve learnt to move away from situations and people that don’t make me happy. I’ve never been good at letting relationships go and as a songwriter I’ve always gone back to old relationships trying to figure out why they went wrong or if I could have done something differently to change the outcome. This song is the first one I’ve written about accepting it for what it is instead of dwelling on the past”, SHY Martin says.

Go ahead and give this a spin and discover your new favorite artist, interested in hearing more? Make sure to follow SHY Martin.

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