“I wrote Alone about my relationship, and the experience of being in love as a queer person. It can often feel like life is “us against the world,” especially when people refuse to accept us for who we are. As a result, many queer people learn to take solace in each other, in our partners or in our chosen families. This song is a celebration of that.”


Canada based artist shared with us his first major release as sedgwick last week, titled ‘Alone’. We love sedgwick’s vocal performance and we thought his lyrics were particularly great here for a couple of reasons. His delivery and the deeper meaning behind his lyrics grabbed our attention and after a few listens, it really started to resonate with us.

sedgwick has an undeniable talent for writing and we’ve admired his work. With the release of his new single, we’re left anxiously waiting for more and we can’t wait to see where the artist goes from here.

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