Review: SAYANA – Lucky

SAYANA’s newest release, “Lucky,” is a mesmerizing and alluring song that perfectly encapsulates the thrill of taking chances in matters of the heart. The track elegantly portrays the sensation of risking it all and investing emotions into a situation, as expressed through lyrics such as “Occasionally, I feel fortunate / Your touch against my skin makes me feel victorious / Thus, I persist in participating in this game.” Combining influences from her Central Asian heritage, SAYANA skillfully merges infectious European melodies with intricate Middle Eastern harmonies, resulting in a polished contemporary sound that embodies both North American Pop and Contemporary R&B.

“Lucky” is the first of 12 songs that SAYANA has spent the past year creating. Each song will be released on the first of a new month. SAYANA’s unique storytelling approach and her ability to express past love, current love, and self-love through her music make her an exciting talent to watch. The song’s catchy melody and relatable lyrics will undoubtedly connect with listeners and leave them eagerly anticipating SAYANA’s upcoming releases.

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