As the world keeps turning through a challenging 2020, there are bright spots on the horizon. One of those bright spots is rising pop duo RUBI, who are releasing their newest single, “Better,” now! After the success of their 2019 hit song “Jeans,” which was featured in a national.


Released just a couple weeks ago, RUBI’s new single left us speechless. ‘Better’ is an original, forward-thinking piece with a groovy twist. The duo brings a level of energy to their music that’s wildly entertaining and bold. Presenting itself as one of those rare gems that you’ll come back to over and over again. The lyricism alone is some of the best creative writing we’ve heard in weeks.

“There’s a lot of shame that comes with discussing mental health, and it’s very important that we educate ourselves and open the conversation to break down the stigmas and negative connotations that come with it,”

Take a listen for yourself and let us know what you think, interested in hearing more? Make sure to follow RUBI online.

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