Produced by Rick Parker (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Scott Weiland), Seven is a single from In Retrograde, the debut album from New York and LA based band, Romans. The song has been featured in Shameless, Degrassi, and a Jaguar advertisement. Most recently, the song was featured on the June 21, 2020 episode of Hightown on Starz Network.


There’s something about Romans’ writing style that just gets us every time we listen to the song. Everything from their vocals to their delivery, it’s pure talent and simply put, we’re obsessed.

With their single, ‘Seven’ highlights all of the things we’ve come to love and appreciate about the band. The combo between the artists was nice and we love the balance in the track. If you’re looking for something to kick back and vibe out to, give this a spin and fall in love with Romans’ spell. Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think and make sure to follow the band online.

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